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"As we approach the 50th anniversary of the Beatles first U.S. visit, there are several exciting new books and music releases either already out or coming out in early 2014. Be sure to add the following new book to your list of must have items. Chuck Gunderson has just released a beautiful and thoroughly researched two-book set on the Beatles three American tours titled Some Fun Tonight!"


"The books cover all of the Beatles American tour concerts from 1964, 1965 and 1966, with tons of new information and pictures. With its city-by-city approach, you can enter wherever you like, choosing what concerts to read about, such as the most important ones (1964 Hollywood Bowl and 1965 Shea) or, if you were lucky, concerts you attended. Or you can read it straight through. Either way, this will be a book you will enjoy spending time with over and over again."





"When I first read excerpts from Some Fun Tonight, I was totally blown away...Enjoy this fabulous book, because I believe it will go down as the Bible of Beatles concert history."





"Filled with great photos, stories, and memorabilia, this superb two-volume set brings us the play-by-play of the Beatles' three North American tours, taking readers on a fascinating and nostalgic journey with the band."





"Chuck Gunderson has gone where no one else has. With his writing, artifacts, pieces of the story, superb graphics, and totally fun reading experience, Chuck has taken you there. "There" is where I was, lucky enough to see it. Now he relives my experience and the experiences of young fans who are now on Medicare. This is no ordinary book. It's big and wide and it takes you to where a handful of people got to go - traveling alongside the boys, and sharing in the joy....This book is a work of art. It's as close as you can get to being there. Have some fun tonight with your own backstage pass. As someone who was there, I can confirm that Chuck has done what no one else has done. He tells the stories of three summer tours with

an artistic spotlight that brings you up front and close."







"My father was the promoter of the Denver leg of the '64 tour. I've seen and heard numerous stories about "did it sell out?", "were oxygen tanks used?" on and on...Well, I was there backstage, and at the age of six, I remember it quite well. Author Chuck Gunderson sets the record straight on almost everything regarding the Denver stop. I've read a lot of Beatles books over the years, and this one gets it right - he uses empirical evidence and confirms his sources. No speculation here, just the facts. Each city is a wealth of information about the Beatles and the cities themselves in regards to how they handled the Beatlemania invasion. Is the book inexpensive? No! But you get what you pay for, and this is the king of all Beatle books related to touring in the U.S. and Canada. Check out his website at This book is not to be missed by any Beatleholic!"      

                                                                                                                                  Brad Byers




"These volumes provide the definitive account of The Beatles' three seismic North American tours. The depth of research done for these books is comparable to the detail on display in the tomes of venerable Beatles' experts Mark Lewisohn, Bruce Spizer, and John C. Winn. Author Chuck Gunderson has provided Beatles' aficionados with a well written, lavishly illustrated chronology of these historic tours. The books trace The Fabs visits through each tour stop, detailing the concerts planning, and often including copies of the promoters' contracts with the band along with any other relevant information. The vast majority of the photos in these volumes have never been published which reflects the author's attention to detail.  In a recent interview, Gunderson stated that he was waiting for years for someone to publish definitive books on The Beatles' North American tours, but when no one did, he decided to write them himself. It was worth the wait - superb and essential."         

                                                                                                                                    Jimmy B.




"Excellently researched books on the Beatles North American tours. Chuck Gunderson has achieved a considerable feat in locating the wealth of information and documents the books provide. I received my copies yesterday and have been perusing them ever since. Whilst relatively expensive, the books are a quality product and great value for any one wanting to learn more about Beatles live performances. A great addition to the Beatles Library with many rare photos, which take you back to those heady days of the mid sixties."   

                                                                                                                                     F. Clark




"I really can't think of much more to say about these 2 books than what is said by Amazon's reviewer, except to heartily agree. The pictures are fantastic. Mr. Gunderson obviously put a lot of work into tracking them down. The written descriptions of the concerts are excellent. In Jacksonville stadium after hurricane Dora had just stormed through, Ringo had someone sit behind him during the show to catch him because he was afraid he would blow away! Mostly, the band did little except hang-out in hotel rooms, trapped by their fame. As such, the books focus mainly on the concerts. But because Gunderson managed to track down the right people, he's found plenty to write about. Everywhere The Beatles went, they stirred up all kinds of excitement, and in writing these books Gunderson has, mostly for the first time, allowed those touched by Beatlemania to tell their story, and not just fans. Although I haven't finished reading them, so far these are the best books I've read about The Beatles' North American tours, and they're worth every penny."  

                                                                                                                                    W.B. Betts




"Author Chuck Gunderson's intensive researched books answer any questions you might have had regarding the Beatles three North American tours, from their first 1964 gig at the Cow Palace in San Francisco to their final concert performance at Candlestick Park in 1966. Mr. Gunderson has researched every stop on the tours and his background on each city and how they handled their version of Beatlemania is sublimely engrossing. I would be shocked if Ron Howard's production company isn't using these amazing volumes as reference material for their upcoming documentary on the Beatles tours. If you are a collector of Beatles books, and are looking for the definitive bible on the Beatles N. American tours, or if you are just a fan of the Beatles, and want to get a firsthand look at what it was like, this two book set belongs in your library. The archive quality printing & binding, and the unseen pictures and discovered documents are worth the price of admission to this tour de force publication."   

                                                                                                                                     E. Trovinger




"A massive, exquisitely detailed, 2-volume set of Beatle history, much of which you have not read anywhere before. Mr. Gunderson provides us with the backstory on the 3 North American tours undertaken by the Beatles from 1964-1966. He writes with the detail of a historian and the love of a Beatle fan, and weaves an extremely readable historical narrative regarding this important part of The Beatles' career. HIGHLY recommended."   

                                                                                                                                      D. Thomas




"Well, I turned 64 this year and my wish finally came true. Thank you, Mr Gunderson. Though after this, all other books will appear very weak. Mr. Gunderson sets the bar extremely high with these 2 Volumes. Time for another wish... The same treatment for the Rolling Stones 1st tour of the US. I can only hope, there's more to come. Thanks again for all your hard work! On my end, it was worth every penny."    

                                                                                                                                     Wally Watson




"Many books about The Beatles from almost every angle have been written. Almost. From their recording sessions at Abbey Road to The Beatles themselves as musicians and individuals, it would appear everyone seemed to have a Beatles story to put into print. But one aspect of their career was never delved into with such detail: the North American Tours they embarked on from 1964-1966. Journalist Larry Kane was probably the closest with The Beatles American Tours when he wrote his book Ticket To Ride: Inside The 1964 Beatles Tour, as he went with the group from San Francisco to New York City in 1964. Chuck Gunderson, however, takes this to the next level with 'Some Fun Tonight! The Backstage Story of How The Beatles Rocked America. Two books, one covering 1964, and the other book covering the 1965-1966 touring years are definitely some of the best reading about a part of Beatlemania that would only be reserved for the bigger concerts, like Shea Stadium or Candlestick Park. If you're looking for the February, 1964 "tour" with the Ed Sullivan Show appearances, and concerts in Washington DC and Carnegie Hall, New York, you won't find it here. Each book has a chapter devoted to the city The Beatles were playing at in chronological order. Lots of pictures of ticket stubs, concert programs, contracts with the booking agencies, and also rare pictures of The Beatles during their stays at whatever city they were in. There are also some anecdotes and stories in the book that Chuck Gunderson was able to get through the 8 years of research and interviews with the people associated with the concerts in the different cities The Beatles visited.

Even some stories and urban legends told about the Beatles tours were debunked by Chuck Gunderson's extensive and exhaustive research. These two books are a long reading at over 600 pages, but once you

dig into these books, you might not want to put them down."   
                                                                                                                                    Andrew Blythe "Beatlefan"




"I heard your interview on Fab 4 Free 4 All which I listen to regularly.  I very much enjoyed that podcast and will enjoy your books even more.  Your book is right up there with the books from Bruce Spizer."





"Thanks for all the effort and research you put into authoring the books.  Much of the details would have been lost without your work.  Best of all, they are fun to look at and read."   


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