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What Chuck says about Some Fun Tonight!...


"I have wanted to find a book like this for years, so I decided to write it myself.  There are a few excellent authors who have covered one or two of the Beatles’ North American tours, but this is the first time all three tours have been featured in depth.   Because I found a wealth of great information, I refused to compromise and omit text and photos.  I decided against a major edit and expanded the book from one volume to two so I could include as much information about all 67 of the Beatles' North American concerts as I could.  There is a chapter covering each stop on all of the three tours, as well as, chapters about the support acts.  There are over 800 images - most previously unpublished - and memorabilia from each city including tickets, programs, handbills, posters, newspaper ads, contracts and documents.  I have been fascinated by the story and music of the Beatles since attending my first 'Fest For Beatles Fans' in 1979 and have collected memorabilia through the years. These books were painstakingly researched and written with an eye for detail.  The publishing process is incredibly expensive; please support me by purchasing the books on this site.  Some Fun Tonight is written by a fan for the fans to enjoy."



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